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My name is Susan Mazonson and I help people become even more fulfilled in their communities, in their work, and at home. WHY?? Because 25+ years of entrepreneurial consulting experience and lifelong self discovery have energized me to redefine long-standing beliefs about success, fulfillment, & legacy.

HOW am I doing this?? Through intergenerational collaboration and mentoring. Specifically, I am forming dynamic Mastermind platforms around critical issues of the day where paradigm shifts are emerging in the areas of Feminine/Masculine Dynamics, Mentoring, and 21st Century Leadership. 

My reflection and exploration into these issues have inspired this exciting new platform... The Midlife Cafe, a place for real conversations that matter. So I hope that you will join the conversation because I truly believe that together we have the power to effect lasting positive change in our world!

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Everybody Has A Story!
Susan Mazonson is a gifted storyteller who lives in Manhattan and is currently working on her first book. It's the very personal and inspiring account of her rise to business success in an industry dominated by men... and how all that success came with an emotional price tag that no one ever told her about. She shares the highs and the lows with equal parts confidence and vulnerability so you truly feel connected to her journey.

It's the story of how, at an early age, she rejected her feminine power... and then, years later, learned to fully embrace her maternal wisdom. Susan's story is part cautionary tale, and part roadmap for "having it all," and making a lasting impact. 

As a mother, daughter, wife, mentor, entrepreneur, public speaker, and friend, Susan has learned to embrace the value of different perspectives that can only be discovered through conversation. 

Because we can only go so far on our own... but when we mastermind together, there is no limit to what we can imagine, build, and contribute.
The Midlife Cafe Is For Anyone Who...
 Has seen success in life and is now looking for ways to make a bigger impact
 Is yearning to collaborate with others who want their voices to be heard
 Wants to contribute to changing paradigms, collective wisdom, and co-creation
 Desires being a part of something bigger than themselves
We Want To Hear YOUR Voice!
Susan Mazonson is a leader among leaders who genuinely cares about people. She is committed to elevating the conversation. Real Conversations, about real issues, That Matter. 

Through intergenerational dialogue, she's opening a new listening space, and sharing authentic questions and truths that transcend gender, race, and age. Let's get started! 

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